June 08, 2005

Current TYPO3 RSS Capabilities; XML History.Summary Document

Editor's note: Resurrection (COR) is using the TYPO3 content management system for its main web site: www.cor.org.


Summary of current RSS capability of TYPO3 follows; includes this link to history/comparison document about XML:

TYPO3 RSS extension is at:

Documentation at:

"The (current; TYPO3 3.5+) RSS newsfeed can be read by any RSS-compliant desktop tool or RSS parsers available in all web programming languages. ...It inserts a link to the actual RSS newsfeed page..."

* Exports RSS 0.91 and RSS 2.0 newsfeeds
* Embeds Auto-aggregation elements; feed-aggregators and modern browsers automatically detect the feed.
* Automatically takes care of RSS 0.91 restrictions like maximum number of elements and maximum sizes
* Fully customizeable trough typoscript template (example included)
* Feeds can be restricted to logged-in frontend users


leojohns88 said...

(This TYPO3 RSS extension is in "BETA" - which I believe means
"a working version given to developers for testing - but not necessarily in verified-stable public release"...)

Chuck Russell said...

Rss is da bomb