June 12, 2005

What is all this stuff

So to respond to the question Clif posed, a group blog I think is qualitatively different from a discussion board. While the two have similarities, the discussion board is primarily a free exchange of ideas with no clear guide. A blog of any sort is guided by an "expert" or set of "experts" who have control over the agenda and direction of the postings. The audience votes with their attendance as to whether or not its interesting but thats the only way they have influence over the content of the blog. Blogs are great for opinion leaders, networkers, and folks who like to tell other folks about cool stuff they know. In other words its good for us "know-it-alls". Second, I would suggest, the quasi journalistic nature of blogs have a cultural penetration that discussion boards do not. It wasnt a discussion board that brought CBS news to its knees and ended the career of a long term "Distinguished" Journalist. Blogs give voice to individuals and teams of individuals. They are a platform for information and persuasion more akin to journalism than discussion.

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