June 12, 2005

Alumni and the Facebook

So I've been thinking. I am a member of my Seminary's Alumni and I am passionate about telling people about how great my experience was there. In reality, though, I don’t interact much with the Alumni association because, well frankly what’s in it for me. Now I know that is crass and there should be an altruistic reason for me to regularly go to their website and read about what is happening but I just don’t. Its not because I don’t care, it’s just because I don’t think about it. I was thinking the other day, what if there was something in it for me. What if they maintained something like the www.thefacebook.com or www.classmates.com that allowed me to stay connected not only with the seminary in a linear one to one way, but with my friends who are scattered all over the Planet (Literally). Now that would be cool. I would be at the site regularly, and along the way I would read more, refer more people, and potentially give more. That is the power of what these social networking tools can do.

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