June 30, 2005

Test podcast

I'm using Feedburner to take a Blogger blog and turn it into a podcast feed.

The Appian Way podcast feed is simply the Feedburner feed of The Appian Way blog. When you enable the "SmartCast™" option, Feedburner finds any MP3 or other attachment and surrounds it with an enclosure tag. Right now it's finding the MP3 from Dave Winer's podcast and the PDF in the post on Blogs and power laws. iTunes will actually download all of these, including the PDF. Interesting.

For a more traditional podcast, take a look at the Living Water podcast feed. It has sermon MP3s served from an ordinary web server over HTTP. It's based on an LWCC podcast blog I created.

To use the feeds, the best "podcatcher" options are:
1. Download iTunes 4.9 and subscribe via a pick on the Advanced menu.
2. Download iPodder 2.1.

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