February 08, 2008

Seems inevitable that Asterisk is in our future

It started with success stories from Andrew Mitry and Justin Moore.  Now comes the announcement from Jon Edmiston that CCV has cut over to Asterisk.  This morning I read an article in Network World about Asterisk.  You know when Network World starts talking about it that it has emerged into the mainstream.  So now I must concede that Asterisk will be in our future.  Most likely the first opportunity to deploy it will be in our new downtown campus now in the planning stages.  Asterisk has simply become too cool to ignore.  Thanks Andrew, Justin, and Jon for paving the way.  We'll be calling on you for advice when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Clif - This would be fantastic! I was browsing around on Jon's blog and saw his post about connection with Arena - http://churchcrosstalk.typepad.com/jonedmiston/2008/01/call-detail-rec.html and I about had to pick my jaw up off the floor. That would be amazing! This would be a light years leap forward for the church and Congregational Care in particular. Cool stuff!

Andrew Conard

TestForMe said...

Clif, let us know how we can help, especially if you're interested in the Arena integration. We've been very happy with Asterisk so far.

Unknown said...


We use this for VineHosting - Its awesome. I even gave Brian access for a soft phone (LOL)

I use this as well for my own church
( UnboxedChurch.com ) and absolutely love it.

What is great is the fact that we have an auto-dialer calling people with updates about church happenings, - even announcing to people in the are that we are here

A simple Voip account and we were underway ... of course in your case you might need the T1 cards ... but still really easy to implement.

PolyCom has a number of great phones here as well.

Best part - it can run on your existing network :-)

Funny - I showed this to a Foundation I work with - and after I realized how much they spent on their non-Voip system and we chatted I know their tech guy wanted to cry...

Amazing what OpenSource has done