February 29, 2008

MinistryTECH and RoundTable

If you're like me, you're planning to go to MinistryTECH and the Spring Church IT RoundTable in Oklahoma City the first week of April.  Again if you're like me, you haven't registered yet.  :-(  You probably have to figure out all of the travel and event costs, get the expenditure approved, make travel reservations, and actually register for the events.  Despite your best intentions to do all of that, you haven't made time for it in your busy schedule.  You have a good reason.  I, on the other hand, have the incredibly capable assistance of Amy Facemire for such matters.  The only reason all of the above isn't done is that I didn't ask her to do it until a couple of days ago.  Doh!  (I just need Jason Lee to help Amy figure out Priceline!) 

So, whatever your situation or excuse might be, this is your reminder that you need to go here to register for MinistryTECH and here to register for the RoundTable.  See you in April!

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Jerry - Living Word said...

This is pretty bad..:) You are even presenting!