October 05, 2007

Truly a Blessing

Much like my friends at Resurrection, Clif, Ian, I was filled to overflowing by the opportunity and honor of serving, shepherding, and worshiping with our CITRT ministry partners. It was a blessing to me! There was no one thing during our time together that made the event; it was the event in whole. Being able to host all who attended brought me back to my core of being the servant, being the shepherd, doing everything I could to bless everyone's time and let God work through me. I think everyone on our team experienced scripture lived out. Isaiah 40:31 ;)

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to all, and I'm eager to build new relationships, and continue to renew the existing.


Mark Burleson said...

Clif and staff, you all did an amazing job. I had such a great time for the day I got to be there. I am super excited about the things that are going to come out of all of the information and relationships from it. again thank you all!

Also, I am going to try blogging now too.
www.thoughtcoffee.net/blog site is still in dev stage, but it works

Mark Burleson

Anonymous said...

I second what Mark says - an amazing job. Brian - awesome job as our "connector" for Room A also.