October 02, 2007

Jason's survey is still down

If you've been trying to comply with my request to fill out Jason's survey but have been unable, it's because Zoho is down. This is outside of Jason's control. (He's sorry.) Please keep trying. Maybe they'll be back up soon???


Anonymous said...

...doncha jus hate it when that happens?!

Anonymous said...


I am Charles from Zoho Creator Development Team.

There was an issue in Zoho Creator for selected users and Jason's account was one among those who got affected. Now we have rectified it and I see the page getting loaded properly.

Please let us know if you need any assistance. You can mail us at support [at] zohocreator [dot] com .


Anonymous said...

the survey is up, but no prior data is showing :-(

Anonymous said...

The survey and all prior data has returned!!! Yeehaw!