April 21, 2007

Neat Patch?

We don't need no stinking Neat Patch. (Sorry, Jason, couldn't resist.)

This is one of the racks for our new office at Southcreek. It has two 48-port HP switches and fewer than 10 ports are free since we completed our moves yesterday.

On the shelf below the patch panel is our SonicWall firewall and DSL modem. These provide a backup (a VERY slow backup) for our wireless LAN bridge.


Anonymous said...

No problem Clif ... it looks pretty good :-)

Are those 1 foot cats ?

Clif Guy said...

Yes. Ian, our network admin, prior to coming on our staff worked for 3 years for a company that did voice and data cabling. This is one of his tricks. The traditional method is to stack up patch panels with cable management between each panel, separately stack up switches, and then run 3 or 6 foot cables between panel jacks and switch ports. Instead of this, Ian's method is to take out the cable management and put the switches right next to the panels. And then, you guessed it, he uses 1 foot patch cables. Simple, cheap, and very neat!

Anonymous said...

It looks real slick when you have 48-port 1U patch panels like these ones. You can pack a LOT of ports into a rack that way.

Anonymous said...

That looks great, Clif! If we ever have to build another rack, this is definitely going to be the setup of choice. :-)

Ian said...

I think you still need a good and much organize neat patch because in that way, your cables will be more manageable especially if you use a lot of ports.Just to give you a brief information about neat patch.The neat patch preserve your bend radius and bandwidth and take note that neat patch is the only cable manager that meets industry standards for its bend radius.

Anonymous said...

WoW how can you say that is neat and praise him for it?
If you were my network admin I would have fired you for that.

I have looked at numerous cabling system (Panduit, AMP, Leviton) and nothing compares to the neatness and cost savings of NeatPatch.

This is true neatness...


Rackmount Solutions said...

Tend to agree with the last two comments. It doesn't look that neat, and, of bigger concern, it doesn't appear any of the cables are labeled.

Neat Patch is definitely something you should consider. http://www.rackmountsolutions.net/Neat_Patch_Cable_Manager.asp