April 16, 2007

And Here We Go!

I'm here at the church IT event organized by Tony Dye and friends. Our first day is vendor presentations - but first we started off with a short worship service. It was amazingly high energy for a ~30 minute service. In short, they rocked, we worshiped, and when they finished everyone simply stood in awe and silence for many seconds until someone started that quiet "is it ok yet?" clapping.

Thus far I've been thrilled to meet some of the guys I know only by blogs and e-mail addresses. I expect shock and awe over the next few days. Geekfest. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed worship! That was put together somewhat quickly, but is a taste of one of the four worship styles at Sugar Creek, the Edge Service, targetting post-modern young adults.
Give Connie S., Adam, Lance, and Jenny my regards, and look me up if you can while your here!
Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts
Sugar Creek Baptist Church

Brian Slezak said...

Ha! That's awesome Travis, and they did a great job for being quickly pulled together.

I'll be on a pretty short leash because everything is scheduled tightly. We'll be back over in the LYF Center tomorrow until around 3pm if you want to stop by.

Thanks for dropping a note her. Stay well and God Bless.