January 01, 2008


I'm in Tucson for a family gathering to ring in the new year.  (High today in Kansas City - 22 F.  High today in Tucson - 65 F.  Yeah, we made the right decision.)

Yesterday we made the short trip down I-19 to the Mexican border to experience the culture of Nogales.  Just inside the border we were welcomed with this sign:

Welcome to Nogales

One of the first things I noticed - the Mexicans have different standards of esthetics and safety in their electrical wiring.

Street in Nogales

We had lunch at an upscale restaurant called LaRoca, complete with strolling musicians.

La Roca Mexican restaurant in Nogales

l to r: niece, Hannah; nephew, Ian; son, Rob; daughter, Beth

Beth and Hannah with mariachi guys

Before returning the USA, we took a couple of pictures of the border wall itself. This wall is the dividing line between nations, languages, cultures, currency, economies, and much more.

Border wall

USA-Mexico border at Nogales taken from the Mexican side

Cars waiting in line to get into USA 

Cars waiting in line to get into USA


Nick Nicholaou said...

How fun that you went to Nogales! That's where my dad grew up. They lived on the US side, and my grandfather was the maitre d at a then-famous restaurant on the Mexico side (The Cavern). Nogales has many fond memories for me...

Sonora Arizona Views said...

Thanks for posting something nice about Nogales!
Those were great pictures @ La Roca

Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining us at La Roca!My uncle Jimmy Wilson built it and opened it in the early 70's. It has been in our family ever since. Many great times for alot of us! La Roca has been a wonderful dining experience for many people from around the world.We look forward to serving you again!..Have a great day!...Keep smiling..God Bless...Bobbie