January 11, 2008

The BBQ tour continues

Does this look from the outside like a place where you're likely to get great barbecue? 

Oklahoma Joe's BBQ in Kansas City

Turns out the food is fantastic.  Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City is in a gas station/ convenience store.  (And yes, that's Travis pretending to pump gas.)  

Ben, Clif, Travis, and Chuck at Oklahoma Joe's

The staff person in the restaurant we asked to take this picture cut our heads off, making our post-dinner full bellies even more prominent than they otherwise would have been!  My only regret is that Mark White missed the fun due to a sudden bout of the queasies.  Alfred would have loved it too.


Nick Nicholaou said...

Is that where the BBQ for the IT Roundtable came from? If so, that may be the BEST I've ever had!

Clif Guy said...

No, that was Jack Stack - another of Kansas City's top BBQ places.

Anonymous said...

There's a great BBQ place in a gas station not far from me. People say it's the best BBQ around, I just can't bring myself to go there and eat. There's also a gas station down the street from me that claims to be the best and serve the best food in town. They are more of a family style restaurant but the same thing applies, I just can't bring myself to eat there.

I like my gas station food shrink wrapped, not fresh!