December 06, 2007

Good idea, Nick

After seeing my post about dinner at Rendezvous last night, Nick Nicholaou said we should go to The Commissary.  Alfred saw Nick's comment and took us there for lunch!  We thought we were coming to Memphis for a very important meeting with Shelby, but really it was for a barbeque tour.  The meeting has been almost incidental.  ;-)


l to r: Mark White, Brian, me, Travis, Alfred, Jeff Maddox of Shelby, and Steve Pruitt of Shelby

David Drinnon also commented that we should go to Corky's.  That's a good idea too, but since I've been there several times before, I'm glad we did something different this time.

I only hope I'll still fit in an airline seat for the flight home tonight!


Nick Nicholaou said...

I knew you'd like it! I hope the rest of your meatings go well too...

Clif Guy said...

meat-ings? I love it!

Jerry - Living Word said...

Hi Cliff,
This brings back many memories for me. I worked for 20+ years in software development with G.E. Those client meetings can be very hard on the waistline. Have a joyous Advent & Christmas.
Jerry Tutt
Living Word Lutheran Church