August 11, 2007

Willow Creek Summit, Day 3

Personal highlights from today ...

President Jimmy Carter:

Carter was an entrepreneur from as early as 5 years old. Didn't know that. This was more about Carter's life than a lesson in leadership, but he has earned our respect for his humility and his genuine life of Christian discipleship. I'm inspired. ;-)

Favorite quotes:
  • It's not an anomaly that the Bible says we're all equal in God's sight. We actually are equal.
  • War doesn't beget peace. War begets war. (Not sure if that's right, but I respect his viewpoint.)

Bill Hybels - The power of inspiration:
  • Performance difference between motivated and unmotivated employees - 40%
  • Get inspired and inspiring people around you.
  • Do you know what events you need attend to get inspired?
  • Your workspace can add to your motivation. What do you have in your office?
  • Identify and reduce every demotivating dynamic in the organization.
  • Celebrate every sign of progress.

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