August 04, 2007

I went with the Mogul

Thanks for all the advice. I picked up the Mogul (aka PPC 6800) when I was in Fort Worth and have been using it for a little over two weeks. Having not had a smartphone before, it's a whole new experience for me. Many things about it are cool. Naturally I've encountered a few annoyances too.

Things that are cool:
  • WiFi
  • EVDO with easy Internet connection sharing (phone-as-modem)
  • Ability to run Skype
  • Ease of text messaging
  • Ability to run Bejeweled (my favorite game!)
  • Ability to get on the web anywhere, anytime
  • Integration of Outlook contacts with phone, e-mail, and text messaging functions
  • Ability to recharge through USB
  • Ability to multi-task (sync, talk on the phone, browse the web, etc.)
  • Small and lightweight
Things that are annoying:
  • No way to exit an application without going to a control panel (am I missing something?)
  • ActiveSync has had some issues that caused it to force a complete re-sync and lose my voice dial tags. This has happened twice in two weeks. Grrr!
  • ActiveSync doesn't work when connected via USB on my laptop's port replicator
  • The camera application is clunky
  • The folder structure is confusing - Microsoft still isn't consistent in folder naming
Overall? Thumbs up! I've entered the modern world.

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The Cybernetic Entomologist said...

I've heard of a third-party app that modifies the behavior of the "X" such that it actually EXITS the application.

You would think that on a device that only has 64MB of RAM, they'd have been a lot better about the application memory management. That's the only major gripe I have about it.