May 06, 2007

Vista when?

The IT organizations of Intel and Dell are waiting for SP1 to upgrade to Vista. I know we'll run Vista eventually, but I also know it won't be in 2007. We'll look closely at it in November when we need to decide whether to budget for it in 2008. If it doesn't seem like a good move, we'll wait and look at it again in November 2008.

What are your Vista roll-out plans?


Nick Nicholaou said...

We think Vista is no where near ready for use in church and ministry offices yet, and completely agree with your advice to wait for the first service pak (see my blog entry at

Anonymous said...

Pick A Vista ---

Have you seen the new round of adds from Apple?

There's one that looks to me like it hits Vista's weak spot - there are too many versions of Vista.

Under XP people had two choices - Home and Professional. The names made it evidently clear to people which flavor they generally needed.

By the Way I have chosen the version

VistaNever - It is the best product Microsoft has ever made. Never Crashes, Never dies, Never shows a blue screen, Never uses to much memory - Never uses to much cpu ...
Only one thing ... It Never Boots

:-) In reality the laptop I have flies running Unbuntu, CentOS and also XP Pro - the system however ran so slow running on Vista Business

For our church offices, as well as my home - I will never use that product... unless Microsoft makes a major change and creates a stable product that works.

BTW - the battery life on this Toshiba Tecra lasts well over 1 hour more running XP than Vista ...

I would have thought Vista would have made strides towards being Green ...