May 01, 2007

Spring Church IT Round Table - Round Table Day

I've been quite the slacker in blogging this, but better late than never eh?

The round table was a great experience. In short it was about 30 guys seated around folding tables, and discuss we did. The dynamic of the round table went like this. A topic was thrown out and an expert board was formed on the fly. Expert board = the guys and gals that had worked around that topic a great deal. People would ask the board questions, the board would question or concur with each other, and great value was gained by everyone in the room. I thought it was a well-balanced event between free-flow conversation and a structured discussion.

The best analysis I've seen, gathered from feedback of the event, was Tony's summary of what everyone wants. As Resurrection is hosting the Fall event this year, I had walked around the crowd during breaks and sampled feedback on what we should do next - I came to the exact same conclusion as Tony. "Keep it small, but include more people." Sorry boys and girls - some of you are gonna have to take one for the team. :) In all seriousness, "taking one for the team" is exactly what we want to avoid.

Not to beat a dead horse, but if you haven't given feedback on our idea of how to truly tackle "small but more people," take a look at the invite Clif posted and let us know.

Overall, the spring round table was an unparalleled experience. Every individual was great, and they inspired me. The conversations in the hall, and the more structured times blended well. I would hope that if you are in the ministry of church I.T., yes it is a ministry, you have the opportunity to make one of the future round tables and be fed, have your tank filled, or other appropriate metaphor. ;)

Props to all my church I.T. brethren, it was a pleasure and will be again.

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