April 28, 2007

Church IT Blogroll

Today I realized I had never posted a roll of the church IT blogs I read. So I went through and cleaned up the subscription list in my feed reader (IE 7), exported the list as OPML, and then imported it into blogrolling.com in order to quickly create the new blogroll you see on the right.

Then I realized, this could be a really cool way to link church IT blogs, using the same approach as the Methodist Blogroll. So, here goes ...

Church IT Blogroll Instructions
  • We will maintain the blogroll and update it regularly
  • As links are added, updated, and deleted, it will update on your blog automatically
  • A great way to keep track of the church IT blogging world and build the fledgling Church IT Roundtable/Church IT Association

  • Your blog is focused on church IT and/or church web sites
  • You update it regularly (if we see no posts for a few months, we'll take you off)
  • You provide an RSS feed of your posts (because the feed is what we'll actually put on the blogroll)
To get on the blogroll:

  • E-mail me (clif.guy at cor.org)
  • We'll check out your blog and add you if you meet the requirements
To add the blogroll to your own site, paste the following code in your blog template:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://rpc.blogrolling.com/display.php

1 comment:

JasonReynolds said...

Hey guys, trying to put the blogroll in the sidebar of Bspotted.com, but this post doesn't give me everything I need. Guessing Blogger is truncating the code. Not sure what it says about me as a web expert, but I am not able to find the right stuff and make it to work. What's up?