November 07, 2007

Everyone is talking about OpenSocial

I hate being so busy that I don't have time to read everything being said about OpenSocial, much less comment on it. Check out:

Jim Walton - OpenSocial - A Facebook Killer?
Cynthia Ware - OpenSocial Challenges Facebook’s Platform
Joe Suh - More Interoperability in Social Networking
Dave Winer - Why Google launched OpenSocial

All of this relates to my prior comments about interoperability among social networking systems.

If OpenSocial is actually implemented by all of the sites that announced support, it will be a way for churches to reach people through multiple sites in a single application. That would be very significant.

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Unknown said...

I share Tim's disappointment with OpenSocial:

Specifically that it can't be used to "mix" between different platforms... aggregate components from the different sn platforms. My (limited) understanding is that it's just an API that one can use independently on each social networking platform. That, of course, has some value. But to blow the doors off, you want to combine.