October 25, 2006

Thanks Jeff, Jeff, Curtis, Curtis, and Scott

No, it's not an obscure law firm. I'm referring to Jeff Hook and his team at Fellowship Technologies.

Today I flew to Dallas for a tour and discussions to help me decide whether Fellowship One will be our next church management system. Jeff, Jeff, Curtis, Curtis, and Scott were awesome hosts and I enjoyed my time with them very much. The team is impressive (even those whose names aren't Jeff or Curtis!) and their passion for the local church came through loud and clear. I particularly appreciated the openness of our conversation. Church management system selection can be complex (it certainly is in our case) and the issues often can't be articulated in bullet points or sound bites. So they indulged me by taking the time to fully air the issues and explore them from multiple angles. It definitely sharpened my thinking. I love serious, deep conversations with smart people.

Thanks again Jeff, Jeff, Curtis, Curtis, and Scott!

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