August 21, 2006

Volunteering at Promise Keepers

This weekend I had the honor of serving as a volunteer Evangelism Supervisor for the Promise Keepers conference in Kansas City. Around 300 men responded to the altar call on Friday night, more than 100 of which were accepting Christ for the first time. I've done this before. It's an amazing experience every time.

I was too busy with my duties Friday night to take pictures, but here are a few shots of serving lunch to approximately 7,000 men on Saturday.

Promise Keepers has been serving lunch at the conference for years. They have it down to a science. A refigerated semi-truck rolled in, a forklift unloaded pallets of boxes, volunteers stacked them just a certain way, and finally the volunteers opened the boxes.

Each box has eleven lunches. They're all the same so people won't take time looking for their preference.

And here they come! (By the way, I saw Jim Walton in this line. I hope you had a great experience, Jim.)


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you, Clif, good job being a traffic director. The PK lunchline always amazes me on how fast everyone gets thru.

jan@theviewfromher said...

I volunteered at Promise Keepers once, too. Of course as a woman, I had a completely different perspective. :-) Although honestly, it was an awesome experience. I just wrote about it over at, if you're interested.
You have a nice blog!