May 24, 2006

Adobe Announces Non Profit Pricing

Since Macromedia was acquired by Adobe last year, people in the non profit world have been worried that Adobe's perceived hostilities toward non profits would eliminate the generous discount programs available for programs like Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.

Instead, it seems that in some part Macromedia's non profit commitment has won the day. Macromedia has had a long commitment to the educational and non profit space and my dealings with people at their headquarters have always been very positive.

I began to hear that the Adobe folks were listening to their position on non profits shortly after the merger was announced. Well the time is here. Adobe has announced significantly larger discounts on its product line including the ability to purchase standards such as the Creative suite for $400 (list around 900).

While the discounts aren't as deep as the Macromedia discounts, they are significant. One of the people close to the conversation is Sean McAtee at he works closely with the Adobe Non Profit Representative. I don't believe the prices have been posted yet but you can email him at

You can also read the Adobe Non-Profit program specifics here(PDF)

There was some discussion of this issue here as well

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Anonymous said...

Consistent Computer Bargains also offers Adobe and Macromedia and has pricing available now. I ordered last week from them and have received my licensing info from Adobe...just waiting for the media kit to arrive!