March 21, 2006

An AJAX future

In the next few years the Web will be dominated by AJAX applications. That's been my opinion for a while since I began to understand the explosive power this set of technologies would unleash on the wired world. Now comes Bill G. himself saying the same thing. Why is AJAX so important? It radically improves the user experience by overcoming the stateless nature of the web. Gone are the days of constant frustrating screen refreshes every time you make a change to a piece of data. For example my wife and I, in preparation for moving to Kansas City are looking for a house. One only need explore the difference between the Prudential Web Site and the Reece Nichols Website to understand the radical shift that is coming. What it takes me 20 minutes to do on RN, I can do in about 5 on the AJAX enabled Prudential site. So a word of warning to the web weaving masses, fail to embrace AJAX at your own peril, it will rule the Web.

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