January 11, 2006

MySpace is the top social networking site

USA Today just published an article on social networking sites. All the teens I know have Xanga, but it appears that MySpace is the place to be now. And of course Facebook is still exploding on college campuses.

Hat tip: Richard MacManus


Anonymous said...

Greetings Clif,
I ran across your blog on the Methodist Blogroll. I have to say that almost everyone I know who is younger than I am and has a blog has it on MySpace. I must also say that I really don't like it. Most of the blogs that I have run across on it seem to be meaningless and the page layout options that MySpace evidently provides for their users are just plain ugly. Most of the blogs are so jumbled up that page navigation is almost non-existent. I suppose the main draw of the site is that you can post how many 'friends' you have... which seems to be somewhat of a popularity contest! Maybe I am just bitter because I missed out on the whole MySpace fad, but I mean check out this random blog Here... Does free-speech apply to website layout? this is horrendous. Blogger.com and xanga blogs have a better look and feel consistently in my opinion. And since they don't require a bottle of Asprin to visit then I will give them my business...
Hoping this comment wasn't too pessimistic to still say, Blessings!

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Clif Guy said...


Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm an old dude of 43. So the whole social networking phenomenon (Facebook, Xanga, etc.) escapes me. It's good to hear from someone who can comment on this as an actual user.


P.S. I took a look at your site. Looks good. You should consider getting involved in Web Empowered Church (www.webempoweredchurch.com). If you're interested, I'll put you in touch with my fellow Appian Way blogger and Resurrection staff member, Brian Slezak, whose roll on our staff is to develop software for WEC.