October 04, 2005

Microsoft really believes that "markets are conversations"

Scoble points us to Macintosh fan Giles Turnbull talking about how far ahead Microsoft is in opening up to customers via employee blogs.

What would it mean for local churches to open up via blogs in the same way Microsoft has? Would the people we're seeking to reach and serve appreciate us opening up in the same way? I expect so. Post-moderns, in particular, put a high premium on authenticity. When we make mistakes, I'd like to see us learn how to be honest about it in our blogs. Microsoft has shown us how.


Unknown said...

What a awesome way for Gods people
to communicate with one another,
both clergy and lay.
Our district blog was just started:
please offer any comments how we can further outreach to the faith community.

Clif Guy said...

I tried going to your blog, but Blogger says it isn't found.