August 24, 2005

Google AdWords experiment

Frank Johnson posts today about how Pathway Church is using Google AdWords. Chuck Russell and I are preparing an experiment with AdWords at Resurrection in which we are designing a way to measure the campaign's effectiveness -- not just the number of click-throughs, but the actual number of people who take the desired action (come to worship, subscribe to a podcast, etc.) after clicking. We'll post again in a couple of months when we have concrete results to report.


Frank said...


Thanks for the mention. I'm curious to know how you plan on testing the effectiveness of the ads - Scott and I talked about doing just that. His church is small enough that he can basically tell who is knew and chat with them to find out how they came to the church.

But it appears that Resurrection is a pretty large church, and I'm wondering what you are going to do to monitor response.

Clif Guy said...


Thanks for your question. I started to give a reply here, but it got so long I decided to make it a separate post.


scott aughtmon said...

Hey guys,

This is Scott. Just to let you know the low tech thing I did on the website end...

I created a separate landing page that has no incoming links except from my Google ads.

That way I know if they went to that page I'm 99.9% sure it was from an ad. :)

Clif Guy said...

Thanks for the comment, Scott. Yes, as I mentioned, we're planning separate landing pages as well.