September 19, 2007

GodTube update

Brent Cohen e-mailed me a link to this story on CNN saying that GodTube was the "#1 Fastest Growing Website in U.S. in 1st month of Launch." I commented about GodTube back in March. Do you suppose my less-than-favorable comments were a bit too hasty?

I know most of you out there reading this blog must also be wrestling with the question of how to leverage all of these new developments in Web 2.0 stuff. In particular, right now we're implementing for streaming sermons. Instead of going where the Christians are, we're using a secular site. What are your thoughts about that? Should we also use GodTube?


Anonymous said...

We are currently using Google Video and are considering switching to YouTube (iMovie's publish to YouTube feature is great). What made you choose to go with

As for GodTube, we run, it is similar site, but with a hybrid model. We list all the sermons on the site but actually host the videos with Google, that way we make the content segregated and easy to find but also available on secular sites for outreach purposes.

gavin richardson said...

i am not a fan of replica sites, so i care little for godtube, but for those that want the insular entity, thats cool for them.

i have moved over to using google videos, partly cause they allow for longer videos and their uploader will allow one to post multiple videos at at time.

Clif Guy said...

We went with because it handles long videos (unlike YouTube), the quality is good, the player is full-featured, it automatically cross-posts to a number of other video sites and ... it's free!